A dirty furnace filter

Last year, my husband put in an air cleaner to work with our Heating and A/C system.  I have very serious asthma and if I can’t have perfect air quality, I can just quit breathing.  Unlike some asthmatics that go into coughing fits at first, I just close off and I can’t breathe.  I also have some serious dust irritations and just the whiff of a few things can cause me to quit breathing.  So, I must have the purification system in order to keep the air quality pristine. There are some scenarios that no matter what is done, something is going to interfere with your air quality.  The my husband and I came back from grocery shopping the other afternoon and I saw the weeds moving next to our house. I figured it was the neighbor’s pet or dog. Or maybe there was a rat or rabbit out there.  I didn’t think a thing about it, but I tossed some lettuce outside in case it was rabbits. About 90 minutes later, there was a most horrendous odor wafting into the house. That small donation to the rabbits had attracted a skunk, and she didn’t prefer be bothered by any rabbits.  The smell ruined our air quality and no matter how awesome the air cleaner was, it did not remove the smell of a skunk and it didn’t even stop our dust irritations from acting up. I’m going to have to phone the Heating and A/C provider and have them change those air filters for the air cleaner.  I would think that it would have rid the home of some of the odor, but it didn’t stop any of it.

UV air cleaner