Learning HVAC from the internet

You won’t hear many 80 year old men say this, but dang do I love the internet! Most people my age are confused or outright flummoxed by computers, and to be honest I used to be that way myself. Then my little grandson spent a couple of hours showing me the basics. Imagine that, an 8 year old giving computer lessons to his 80 year old grandpa! He was very patient, showed me a lot of things, and now I am continuing to learn on my own. I love to watch videos about fixing things. Even though I have always been handy, I have never been very good with HVAC systems. Don’t get me wrong, I have an HVAC system and know how to change out the air filters and work the thermostat, but that is about the extent of it. Last week I must have spent a good 30 or 40 hours parked in front of the computer, watching dozens of videos of maintenance and upkeep of air conditioning systems. I always thought that HVAC systems were too complicated for me to ever learn, but I tell you some of these videos are great! They actually break down all the complicated workings of heating and cooling systems into easy to follow tutorials, and it is fascinating! I have also learned about things I didn’t even know existed, like radiant heated flooring and geothermal heat pumps. I don’t know what, if anything, I will do with all this newly found HVAC wisdom, but it sure is interesting to learn about!

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