Old Farmhouse

I’m researching HVAC technology to figure out what kind of heating and cooling units I will need for an old farmhouse that I recently inherited.  Of course, I’ll let the HVAC professionals guide me as to the style and layout of the HVAC plan, but I do want to have some HVAC knowledge going into this restoration. The zoning will allow for several apartments, and I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me.  However, done correctly, this rehab can be my retirement. So I’ve found the right contractor for the job, and I’ll also get his opinion as to the type of HVAC equipment we will need. What information I have seen describes the multi-split air conditioning to be perhaps the best HVAC solution for this farmhouse that has never had air conditioning. With a multi-split HVAC system, each indoor unit can be used independently from the other, providing each of my future tenants individual control of their temperature settings and thermostat, to achieve their preferred climate control.  I hope the contractor and HVAC provider both agree that the multi-split HVAC will work to deliver air comfort to each of the units, but if the heating and cooling specialist disagrees, I will research more. However, the multi-split HVAC seems to me to be the best solution since it is easily installed where space is limited. The split technology connects one indoor HVAC unit to one outdoor unit. Research shows that it installs simply and unobtrusively to buildings without any ductwork, and that type of heating and cooling unit may just be what this old farmhouse needs.

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