Let’s figure this out

The end of the local school’s summer break usually means that varsity sports are right around the corner, but this year my fiance and I went all in and decided to volunteer to sell tickets at the office for the pigskin games again.  And it’s really nice to know that we’re helping support our children’s school, and saying hi to all of the other parents that are coming through to watch the game. The little ticket office is just big enough for a couple people to squeeze in with a little bit of storage in the back. There is a window located on the side wall, which is a nice thing as it stays boiling outside for much of the season. There is a little window mounted cooling system that does a really nice task of keeping that little ticket office nicely cool in the afternoon heat of the late summer. The window cooling system simply sits in an open window that keeps it secure with the top window slid down on the top and several plastic guards on each of the sides to seal it off and keep it secured in place.  We also had a fan mounted on the opposing wall to help draw the heat out of the ticket office as well as circulate the cool air from the window unit. This is the first year that every one of us have had the little cooling system, which has seemingly made all the difference in the world. In past seasons every one of us only had a single fan between us all to keep us cool, so every one of us would sweat at each game until the weather cooled off, but this time my fiance and I are really happy they installed that little cooling system and are now happily looking forward to the rest of the school’s season.

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