Let’s go home

One of the things my wife and I like to do is try different restaurants each week. It’s kind of become a game to us to find something different.  We have eaten at every restaurant on our side of town, so we have started venturing to the town across the river. Not too long ago, my wife decided to become vegan and adopt an exclusively plant-based diet only. It concerned me at first, because I didn’t think there were many options out there for us to eat out at. It turned out okay, though as there were actually several vegan and vegetarian options across the river. There are a lot of hippies that hang out over there, and they like to eat plant-based foods.  One of my wife’s friends told her about a new vegan restaurant there and we decided to try it last Saturday. It was her turn to choose, so I didn’t object. When we arrived, it was very sketchy looking and smelled terrible. I guess the ventilation system didn’t work all that well either because the whole place stunk of tofu and mushrooms. We were seated at a table and waited for our server. I could smell the bean sprouts from the table next to us. I noticed the exposed ducting overhead, which had become a trend in this district. It looks nice if it’s done correctly, but this place was filthy and dust had collected on the vents.  We were disgusted with that place and decided to leave without ordering anything.

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