We did make a few calls

I like to catch as many live games as possible whenever my favorite team is playing. Since I don’t live in their city anymore, this is sometimes difficult. There is a local baseball team here, though, and my favorite team visits here a few times a season. I always get great seats for these games so I can show my support. My friends give me a bunch of sass for not cheering for the local team, but that’s ok with me. Earlier this season, my team was here for a game and I was able to get tickets right behind the visitors’ dugout. I was stoked to be able to watch the game just a few feet from my favorite players. The tickets were in the visitor section, so we got an even better deal on them. When the game started at four, the temperature was almost ninety degrees. The dark clouds started rolling in and I was hoping the weather would hold until late in the game. With the heat of the day, we could see lightning not too far from the field. They don’t mess around when it comes to that, they will delay a game right away for lightning. I ended up at the bar across the street and was having a beer in the cool air conditioning. It was still hot outside, so I loved the A/C. Not too long after, the rain came down pretty heavy. I stayed dry and comfortable in the A/C. After an hour or so, it cleared and we were back to watching the game.

quality air conditioning