Little box a/c

Out on the ocean, working as a deck supervisor for a deep sea fishing vessel, is where I spend half of the year. We fish crab and several strange kinds of fish, on commercial sales levels in terms of volume. Then I will be out to sea for more than one, several, even 4 months at a shot, which is constantly taxing for me. Yet the upside is that working 6 months a year earns me as much as everyone acquire by working all year. Then I do love all that time off! There are a lot of things I miss out there on the water, but after my family, fresh food, and giant  size beds, I feel I miss a/c the most… Don’t get me wrong, the boats have great furnaces on them, so great that you tend to get more heating than you ever want or need. That’s because there is no furnace; it is just residual heating from the engines being pumped in through the air vents. But there is no excess cooling on the boat, and the chalets become so stuffy and humid on those precious hot days. There is a little tiny box AC unit in the galley and recreation areas. While this comes through in a pinch occasionally, I would love to have that comfort in my private quarters. Whenever I get back to the beach house from a long tour at sea, I constantly hug my family, eat a precious steak, and crank down my house AC as low as it will go. It constantly makes me feel right at home.

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