basement storage area

I never actually considered how overpriced space could be until recently living near a sizable city! I always knew that I valued space for myself – time alone, quiet mornings in nature, an empty home free of judgement, even though I didn’t genuinely consider how much neighborhood dwellers desperately long for more storage space until recently. I was talking to a companion at work, when they mentioned that there is not enough room in their home for all of their junk. In a perfect world, she said, she genuinely needed some sort of temperature controlled storage, yet didn’t have the cash to spend a monthly fee at an expensive storage facility in the city. She also didn’t have the means to travel further out of the neighborhood for a lower freezing storage rate, so she felt pretty much doomed to get rid of her treasured belongings… That’s when I had an idea. I have a ton of extra space at our house, and drive into the neighborhood on a daily basis for work. Why don’t I convert some space into freezing storage, and then charge neighborhood dwellers a small fee to home their excess belongings at our place? I can still keep the air temperature steady and the humidity low with a single dehumidifying unit, and charge way less than one of those big and bulky industrial storage spaces; Best of all, I can transfer their things into the neighborhood in our air conditioned car, so nobody has to be worried about discovering a ride or ruining their belongings on the warm bus. I will make a little extra cash each month to offset the cost of our higher Heating, Ventilation, and A/C bill, and hopefully over time I can use that cash to invest in an even better air temperature control system, for me and our storage tenants.

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