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My father was asking me about my new place just last week! I told him that I truly loved having my own space, a place of my very own. He was really ecstatic to hear that; he also told me he was proud of me. Then, shortly after the nice heart to heart moment, he asked if I was taking precautions to ensure my home’s heating and a/c was adequately maintained. I looked at him quizzically then, asking what he meant. My father chuckled at me, then asked how often I was cleaning my air conditioning and heating filters out. I just shrugged because I wasn’t. Then he laughed again and took me inside so he could demonstrate exactly how to change both types of filters. I guess he was looking for some additional bonding time; either way, I recognized the importance of it all soon thereafter. Saving money can be quite pivotal to living on your own because energy bills can surely add up very rapidly!

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