I’m fine with splitting bills

Me and my cousin Kenny are a great pair of hands; we’ve done some really impressive home projects! The two of us aren’t contractors by trade, but in all truth we could be; we’ve gutted and reinstalled fixtures in a lavatory, laid brick, welded and even added hydronic heating. Our hydronic heating replacement was actually the most impressive job that either one of us ever did. The two of us did the heating replacement for our sister, she already had the boiler system in her basement, so all we had to do was install it all. What the two of us had to do first was rip up all of the floors. Carpet, tile, and plastic flooring, we tore it all out, and then we installed the piping in the flooring, plus we had to connect it all to the boiler system. The two of us linked all the piping together and set it up in such a way as to ensure every surface of the floor had heating under it. This way there would be no hot pockets or freezing spots after we were all done. After all the piping was connected to the boiler, and to each other, we put the floors back in. The two of us set up hardwood floors, and then we laid down a new carpet on top of them… After that whole process was doone, the heated flooring plan worked just like something out of a dream. The boiler plan turns on, heating up the water. The sizzling water then flows through all the piping that me and Kenny laid out. Everywhere with piping then is warmed up. The heat flows up to the floorboards, and the flooring is dead. My sister was truly impressed with our work!  Kenny and I both were shocked when we realized we could do it, plus get it done that easily.

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