Losing the heat energy

Winter months can bring lots of expenses! A wonderful way to save a couple of bucks is to try and conserve energy. The house you live in is most likely not airtight… Most suppliers don’t officially insulate a home. This is exhaustingly bad because the heating system can turn on and the heated air leaks out of the house. This causes very high utility bills when it does not need to be… Places where the heating can leak out are the windows, door frames and the baseboards. Make sure all the windows are fit in the frames tightly at once… Caulk around the edges of the windows to not allow any sort of leakage. Additionally, if you are installing the window yourself, make sure there is the right amount of insulation around the window. The doors are a little tricky; Not every door is flush to the door, however occasionally they are a few inches short. Take towels or a rag to shove underneath the door. This seals in the actual heat and does not let the frigid freezing air in, but with the baseboards, most likely the contractor did not have enough insulation for the job… So where the wood baseboards are there is no insulation. All the cold and frigid air leaks in that way and that is why the floors get so cold, but remove all of those baseboards to add insulation where you need it the most, and you should then see a significant change to the heating bills around the house and be saving energy and money!

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