Maintaining my HVAC equipment:

Some people live in their home, and some people invest in their home. I understand each way has it’s advantages and disadvantages. So forth I realize that what we choose to do is really dependent on our own individual preferences. However, for me, I strongly prefer taking the time to keep everything in my home in tip top shape. Therefore my home remains very organized and very clean. While it drives Jenn (my wife) nuts, she puts up with my tendencies. I suppose you could say she sees the disadvantages more than I do. However she does see some of the advantages to my obsessive ways as well. You see, she really loves having reliable air conditioning in the summer, and she similarly loves having a reliable furnace in the winter. Like I said, I am very preoccupied with keeping everything in my house working optimally, and my HVAC unit is no different. For starters, I signed up for an HVAC service plan. This ensures me that year round my heating and cooling will be properly maintained. The service technician is very knowledgeable too, and he helps me with things I can do to further ensure my HVAC is running properly. That is actually how I learned that regularly replacing the air filter in my heating and cooling device can save me money, keep the air quality in my home as clean as possible, and can also ensure my HVAC unit works for as long as possible. Yes I may drive my wife a little crazy with my living preferences, but when it’s 100 degrees outside she never has to worry about whether the air conditioner will fail.