Making sense of things

My mother is a real sucker for a fantastic deal.  She cares about saving money wherever possible. She will not make any purchases or any residential improvements unless she has a coupon.  It can be seriously annoying, however she has saved the family plenty of money. She has had superb luck doing this until a few months ago.  She acquired a flyer in the mail that was advertising a new Heating, Ventilation plus A/C machine supplier. This supplier was offering fifty percent off all heating and cooling machine replacements.  My mom decided that this was a sign and it was finally time to do a total heating and cooling machine replacement. My dad was actually eager to replace our heating and cooling machine, so he jumped on board right away.  My mom called the supplier and they came over to the residence immediately to supply a quote. Their prices were so cheap that my parents were thrilled and signed the paperwork in a hurry. They regretted this decision numerous weeks later.  The workers showed up the next day and started their work on the residence. Several mornings later, they stopped showing up entirely. It was the middle of the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C machine task, and we were without heating and cooling for a number of weeks.  Sporadically, they showed up and other times, they did not show up. Eventually, my parents just gave up on calling the supplier because they didn’t seem to care. We ended up calling a different supplier to complete the task. We lost a lot of money, but we eventually fixed the heating and cooling machine.  That was the most important part.

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