Making sure the installation goes right

It seemed like forever that we were putting off remodeling our living room.  My wife and I decided to keep our boiler system and purchase an outdoor A/C unit so we can utilize our existing ductwork. We were so wrong about this. Our A/C repairman came out to service our ductwork and said that is wasn’t salvageable. This meant that we’d have to rip up our wood floors and new carpet. I was not looking forward to this. I asked the repairman if we can just patch up the problem areas and he said that it wouldn’t work because most likely all the ducts were in very bad shape. I was thinking that we were already pleased with the mini-cut Heating and Cooling system in the den and that maybe the ductless mini-cut Heating Air Conditioning system would be great for the rest of the house.  Our technician old us that there was a multi-cut system. There was one main outdoor component that supplied the cool air to an individual air handler, inside the house. Each room would have its own air handler and thermostat. I loved the idea that we could also use the multi-cut component for the freezing afternoons when we just needed a little bit of heat. Finally, we found an affordable air conditioning system for our house that met our needs.

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