Managing the HVAC

I am single person that has no pets so I am free to come plus go as I please. I also can manage my money pretty well.  All of this is great! The only downside to all of this is that I am also responsible for everything myself. If anything goes wrong, I am the one who has to fix it.  Sure, because I rent, I can call the landlord and they will pay for the repairs, but, I still have to arrange to be home if that was to happen. For these reasons I was annoyed when I got a letter stating that my Heating plus Air Conditioning system was being replaced as well as I would need to find another place to live for a few days.  I easily wasn’t happy leaving all my belongings there and having people going around my place all that time with no one there completely unattended, but i contacted my landlord and asked it there was a reason I couldn’t stay in my place while everyone in the company were in the construction phase. She said that the water would be off for that time and that she had hired a reputable Heating and Air Conditioning company to do the work.  They would be sure to clean up any mess that they made but suggested that my valuable stuff be locked away or taken with me while they were all there and they were in the process. She said that I could stop in each afternoon to check on things but that I just couldn’t stay there. This put my mind at ease a bit although I was easily over the moon when the job was done.

HVAC workman