Matching the home

When I purchased my home over thirty years ago, I was drawn to the wide spaces. Although my house is not considered open concept, there is still quite a bit of open space. I have clearly defined areas, but the walls have large entrances to the adjoining spaces and no one room feels completely cut off from the rest of the house. On one wall in the house, though, was a wall of mirrors. A previous owner completely filled the wall with large mirror squares. I have not ever liked the wall, but I have never known what else to do with it. Finally, I asked a friend of mine who happens to have a gift for interior design, and she suggested I remove the mirrors and see out a different kind of wall treatment. To be honest, I never even heard the term wall treatment, and I never thought about anything being on the walls other than paint – and of course these hideous mirrored squares. My friend took me to a custom fine furnishings studio to explore the high end fabrics, the endless color choices, and the distinctive flair of the studio. We explained my predicament to one of the design service people, and she listened to everything I hat to say. She then explained to me that the overall tone and mood of anyone’s home depends on the walls. That is likely why I have never felt comfortable in that room and have never known exactly how to furnish it – because I hate the wall. Wallpaper is an option. Simple paint in a specific color is an option. Upholstery is an option. Finally, my friend and I chose to go with an upholstered wall in a lightly colored fabric with an interesting texture. The wall treatment has totally transformed the room and the way I feel about it. If you haven’t considered wall treatment options for your home, you might consider it.

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