Medical facility and a/c

The winter season is an appealing time of year! Living in a single one of the southern states makes the winter season even better! The rapidly changing temperatures don’t normally drop below 40 & that low only comes maybe twice a winter. Owning Air Conditioning & Heating equipment is important while in the summer but not so much while in the winter! I assume heating does come into play some in the South, but personally I never utilize it. I do remember a winter that the hospital used heat & it was way too scorching hot for me, but for everyone else it was appealing. I was admitted to the hospital with asthmatic conditions & needed to stay over for a week or so. During that week the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment proved to task well, however the hospital made sure they set the control units not to be set any lower than 68 while I was in the winter months. So once I was settled in my room the heat was operating & having asthma with no cool air just wasn’t a good combination. The hospital staff brought in a fan & eventually had to have service make adjustments to the cooling equipment & Heating unit in my room to allow cooler air to blow into my room. When nurses entered my room they thought the Air Conditioner & Heater equipment were broken until it was explained to them that I was the exception to the rule concerning the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. The control unit absolutely was changed & it allowed myself and others to get better faster so I could go back to my property & they could set their cooling equipment & Heater unit back to the normal temperature for the hospital. It was a trip that I would never forget anytime soon!

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