Messing with the work’s thermostat

Sometimes, I get a chance to surf the web at work. I recently finished a bachelor’s in education and have started out my brand new teaching career as a substitute teacher. Aside from getting my feet wet in my new job, I’m also currently looking for an apartment. Sometimes during the school day there is not all that much work to do and during these periods I get a chance to look at apartment rentals. Today, I thought I’d discovered a winner until I realized that there was no central air conditioning. I remember how poor our HVAC system was in our dorm rooms in college. It was simply too cold in the winter and too warm in the summer no matter what we set our HVAC system to temperature wise. The thought of living without any climate control at all was very daunting indeed. There was no way I was going to suffer sleepless nights lying drenched in sweat and staring up at the ceiling. I’ve had enough nights like that. To make things even worse, it’s going to be around this summer that I’ll be moving into his new apartment. You can bet that’s going to sway my opinion when it comes to climate control. I don’t care how good of a location the apartment is in or how affordable the rent is, if they don’t have any or sufficient enough climate control, it’s no deal. All I ask is for a powerful heating and cooling unit and an accessible thermostat. This is my first priority.

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