Lost power with the heater

Just a few months ago, a terrible storm ravaged our area and caused costly damages. Many buildings and homes received flood damage from the storm. A lot of people in our surrounding neighborhoods had to cope without power for days. Folks in our neighborhood were lucky, because not a single one of us lost power once during the horrid storm. Our home was sufficiently far away from the worst of the storm. The wind gusts were not our problem, but we had a significant amount of flooding. Storm rain caused bodies of water in our area to flood. The flood waters encompassed our yard and driveway. The water traveled to our basement. After the rain ceased, the water in our basement continued to ascend for an additional 48 hours. By the time the flooding began to die down, our furnace was under three feet of water. The furnace was among other precious things damaged. We keep a lot of treasured items in the basement, from times when the children were young. Most of these items were not salvageable, when the flood waters entered our basement. It took four days for the water to recede. After things were relatively dry, I decided to contact the furnace repair service. Our furnace was still under warranty, but I could not remember whether flood damage was included in that warranty. The flood waters totalled the furnace, and it could not be repaired. Luckily, our homeowners insurance picked up the cost of a brand new furnace installation. Our HVAC company worked out all the details, so we were with heat again shortly. I hope our area will never experience such horrible storms again.

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