Mildew in the winter

For the life of others and myself, I cannot easily realize what is happening upstairs in the bathroom. It seems care know where that there are large bottles inside our home. The condo continues to aggregate mildew and even some mold, even though we tried destroying the crop altogether. Every couple of days there are upstairs issues. My wife and I have seen health hazards that are little tiny Mounds. Even when we have done our best to eradicate the mold and mildew, it just grows back three times in the half space. There’s no way I could win against these organisms or even determine what could be sparking the gross. Yesterday, I had the chance to realize a big problem. It was during a chilly winter day, when our condo was quite freezing. I claimed in side the shower, and closed the door which would trap warm Heat. When I emerged from my cleaning, most of the bathroom was honestly coded in much moisture. That’s when I easily realized closing the bathroom door was my biggest problem. It trapped the furnace key as well as Airborne moisture. During the summer months, I usually have the bathroom door left open, which helps to facilitate A/C circulation and release the humidity. I thought the problem was mildew growth growth all during this time, but it turns out that the problem was all due to my own saltiness. I was causing the mold and mildew with my own heat and humidity.Now I Can change my behavior and fix the problem.

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