Missing a/c when setting up roofs

My dad is about ready to fire me right now.  While I am on break from college, I always work with him in roofing business.  I hate the job, but it gives me a little extra money. I think he is really unfair to me, because I am younger and I am not afraid of heights.  He knows that my skin doesn’t tolerate the heat and sun. I need to wear a hat, long sleeves, and long pants, if I want to be outside. I’m a redhead and my skin is really fair.  I go through large bottles of sunscreen like some people do soda. He makes me get up on the roof, and I don’t want to be up there. It is at least thirty degrees hotter on the roof, and I would rather be down on the ground with the other guys.  They have the experience, why aren’t up there? I watch them as they drink the bottled water, and get into the truck to imbibe in the air conditioning. I want to be in the air conditioning if they can be. I started to whine about how hot it was, and I wanted to take a break and sit in the air conditioned truck for a while, but he told me that we had to finish a certain part of the roof first.  I could have climbed down that ladder and said I had to pee, then I could have gone into the house and enjoyed the owner’s air conditioning for a while, but I didn’t. I did as he said, and I helped to complete the entire section of the roof. The he told me we could both go down and relax in the air conditioning for a while.

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