Wishing I could use his thermostat

My mother and father got together this year, and they chose all of the gifts for their children together.  This doesn’t usually happen because dad hates to shop. He tells her to get whatever she wants, and he would just pay the bill.  This year, mom chose very special gifts for everyone. She bought all of us Smart Thermostats for our HVAC systems. She was so excited when she gave them to us at the Christmas party.  The whole time we were opening our gift, she was chattering about how nice it will be for us. She told us that she was trying to get us something that would be really useful, and make our lives easier.  I’m sure the Smart Thermostat could make my life easier. I know my sister and my brother were thrilled with the gift. My sister travels a lot, and she said she could check the house from anywhere in the world.  She could turn on her phone, and bring up the app, and she would be able to make sure the HVAC system is doing its job. My brother works up north, and he only comes home occasionally, but he has his own home here.  He said that he could keep the thermostat down low, but high enough so the pipes don’t freeze. He could do a regular check on the house in the summer, and if there was too much humidity, instead of coming home to mold and mildew, his house would be wonderful because of the Smart Thermostat.  I just looked at mine, and I smiled and thanked my mom and dad. It is a lovely gift, but I don’t have WiFi.