Movie night heating up

We had been planning this movie night for a while. My wife, all three of my daughters, and me were going to pop popcorn, curl up under blankets, nestled on a couch filled with pillows, and geek out on several hours worth of horror movies. These are R rated gorefests, to be clear, because the girls aren’t quite old enough for that yet. You don’t need blood and gore to make a scary movie, so I found a few ghost stories that are sure to terrify them. This January has been pretty cold so far, which was a big plus for us, because the cold is good for cuddling. On this day the outdoor temperatures really heated up considerably, and we found it far too warm inside the house to nestle under covers. Even though I knew it would jack up our utility bill more than I would have liked, I went to the thermostat and turned it way, way down. If the weather was not going to help us have a great movie night, then I would use the power of the central HVAC system to help ourselves! With all the air vents wide open and the temp set about as low as it could possible go, we finally got to feel cold enough to crawl under blankets. We let the A/C run for the whole night through, and kept ourselves warm by cuddling together, especially during the scary parts. The movie night ended up being legendary, and it would never have worked without the cooling power of the HVAC system.

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