I was sure about that

I work out of my condo completing numerous different jobs each month. I really like my work; it let’s me do what I care about and still pay the bills. Well, one of those works is making custom engraved jewelry. I have to work in a place with a lot of light, but windows can be problematic; pollen and bugs get into the metal sealants and polymers, which isn’t ideal. And that’s why I work most often in our finished basement, where the temperature stays cool and is constant. However, I began to notice that even in the wintertime I would get markedly warm under the lights. I really thought it was because of the rigors of hammering, but even when I would polish my work, I would take off my jacket. The basement is well heated by our oil furnace, but I’ve always preferred to put the control unit around 62 and wear layers. It was my roommate who came down to get myself and others for dinner and see my latest project who remarked that the light bulbs were putting off a lot of heat. Then we realized that was why other rooms of the home were so warm–the light bulbs! Both of us swapped out the incandescent bulbs for energy efficient options, and the rooms were much cooler in the Summer, but not only do energy efficient bulbs lower the utility bill for pulling less wattage, but they also let your air conditioner system job a little less harder. Incandescent bulbs put off so much heat they can even set off the control unit if they’re close enough to it. I never thought light bulbs could generate quite so much heat, but they are definitely an energy saving tip that continues to lower your bills.

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