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If you are trying to maintain a nice work-life balance, you are most likely looking for interesting things to do during your time off.  Whether with family and friends or all by yourself, there’s great opportunity in Austin. This city in Texas offers a plethora of fun around every corner.   About ten miles from downtown Austin, there’s McKinney Falls State Park. The park features an amazing and unique natural swimming pool below the falls. Maybe you are new Austin, and this is a perfect place to get started.  If you’re a permanent resident in Austin, you are probably familiar with the State Capitol. Have you ever taken a tour of the inside? If you haven’t, the Austin State Capitol is worth a visit. Have you heard about bats at the Congress Bridge?  Between the Spring and fall, over a million or more bats set up housekeeping in the bridge. You don’t have to get too close, but you can check them out on a Capital Cruise. They will take you out on an interesting bat watching tour by boat. Haunted tours are another fun thing to do  the city. The best in Austin is the Haunted ATX. Hoping to have the luxury of air-conditioning? There are plenty of museums of all types in the city. The Austin Nature and Science Center is educational and kid-friendly. The George Washington Carver Museum provides the history of African-American inventors plus scientists.  If you go online there are plenty of recommendations for interesting things to do in and around Austin. You’re sure to find something you like.

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