The vibe of Texas

There are  numerous lakes around Austin Texas. No one really knows exactly how many because of the classification. For example,  Lady Bird Lake is popular and large. It is named for President Johnson’s wife. Lady Bird Lake is the perfect spot for boats and fishing.   Surrounding Lady Bird Lake are fitness trails. Spanning Lady Bird Lake is a beautiful suspension bridge. But Lady Bird Lake is not actually a lake! It is linked to the CO River. Lake Austin, on the other hand, is really a lake. Fishing in Lake Austin is popular, but there are only certain locations where it is allowed. The majority of Lake Austin’s shoreline is owned privately, so you need to use a public boat launch if you want to fish there. And shore fishing is not really done. Austin also offers Town Lake, where there is  an amazing running trail. Lots of walkers and runners show up there after work. Lake Walter E. Long is a smaller lake in Austin. Guess what? It’s called a lake but is actually a reservoir on Decker Creek. That means Lake Walter isn’t really a lake. The biggest river of Austin is the CO River. Bell Pepper Creek runs through Austin, and there is a city named after the river. It’s considered a creek, but most people looking at it would argue that it is a river. So how many lakes and rivers exist in Austin TX area? There’s lots of disagreement over that number.   There’s plenty of waterways to visit throughout the week. TX waterways offer visitors and locals the chance to go boating, fishing, swimming, jet skiing, kayaking, and snorkeling. There’s also plenty of hiking and biking trails, and stretches of beach.

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