My every day life

As a kid, it was taxing to get any peace plus quiet around my house. I had three siblings, several brothers, & several cousins that lived with us permanently. It was a full house, to say the least, which was irritating when it came time to do my schoolwork. I was not naturally gifted as a student, plus I honestly needed a place of my own so that I could better focus on my homework. Going to the public Barnes plus Noble worked well, however there was a problem of what to do after it closed in the night. The only quiet spot in the house was the attic, however it was hotter than a furnace. I mean that literally, because I could go kneel right next to the loud, grinding gas furnace in the basement plus be cooler than it was up there. I tried opening up the air vents at either end of the attic for some ventilation, however they were far too small to make any real difference. Finally I asked my Mom about it, to see if he had any ideas about how I could set about cooling down the attic to use as a study. He said he would recognize about it, plus then the next day came modern home with a small, portable air conditioning unit. The two of us set it up in the attic, along with a little table plus a chair, so that I could study in air conditioned comfort. My Mom, plus that little air conditioning, honestly helped me to pull up my grades that year.

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