My home is finally comfortable

Last year was the single coldest Winter we’d ever had the grand displeasure of experiencing in our state. How typical of Murphy’s law that my family also experienced a power outage that lasted for a week. Many high-priced consequences stemmed from these two factors. As you would expect, our heating and cooling system was among the victims of the power outage, leaving them offline and forcing us to get some assistance for repairing the systems. We called the local Heating and A/C contractor to grant us a heating system repair, as it was only sensible to stay warm during this especially frigid season. For once, good fortune shined on us as the Heating and A/C tune-up didn’t leave us without a whole lot of cash, and they were able to maintenance the entire system – all without destroying our budget for the month! Unfortunate, really, that it occurred during the worst snowfall to blow through our city in history. Timing is everything, and in this case, the timing could not have been any worse. Still, we’d succeeded in having our furnace back on within a few days! We were absolutely more fortunate than some of our neighbors.

air conditioner tune-up