my job in air conditioning

The people I was with plus myself needed to find some new air conditioning equipment for our apartment. The people I was with plus myself we’re absolutely making do with an old style air conditioner that fit into the kitchen window. Unfortunately, that old condition air conditioner was no longer able to cool the room effectively. The people I was spending time with class myself absolutely trampled down to the hardware store in order to search for more than one model that would fit our needs. The people I was with us myself were searching some window air conditioners, when a guy in the same row started to talk to us about the air conditioning equipment. He introduced himself as a local Air Conditioning and oil furnace specialist. He chatted with my hubby for quite some time, before the guy agreed to come out to our apartment plus check on our oil furnace plus air conditioning equipment. The people I was with plus myself did not have the cash to pay him, so he offered to absolutely help us out in this pinch. He also gave us some flyers for the HVAC for. My wife and I were very thankful for his help, plus he provided us with ample assistance at no charge. By the time he finished checking on more than one problem, our oil furnace plus air conditioning equipment was tasking like brand new again. The guy even gave us more than one suggestion for ways to save on energy in our home. Our air conditioning equipment was not functioning in an energy-efficient capacity.