My mom is starting to help us out

I never realized how much money I had been wasting on our utility bill until I got our programmable thermostat. The housing on the original temperature control component had begun to crack, and I was concerned the thermometer wouldn’t read correctly anymore. I immediately told our property owner about it, and he came by and told us he would replace the temperature control unit by the end of the week. My property owner and I get along great. I’m also pretty handy when it comes to apartment repairs, so I only call him if its dire or if there’s a problem I can’t fix myself. Because we have such a good rapport, he was kind enough to ask me if I had a specific request. I told him whatever was easiest for him, but that a programmable thermostat would be awesome. My parents own one, and they swear it saves them a ton. I told him that it could help save him money too, as I was getting married and moving within a year, so he could keep the utility bill lower when the apartment would be vacant between tenants. He said this was the best idea, and sure enough, by the end of the week, I had a programmable thermostat. I was skeptical about the savings, but I put in my schedule, and in the first week alone, I’ve already saved enough money for an additional week’s worth of groceries! I was so happy. I told our property owner about it when he came by to pick up the rent. He was so pleased, and he said the thermostat wasn’t even that high-priced. I’m so glad to have this little thermostat that unquestionably saves us money!