We’re focused on minor repairs

Last night it finally happened — every one of us had a nice, cool night… To you this may sound enjoy no big deal, but in my neighborhood it most entirely is a large deal. Then every year it gets a little hotter around here, and stays hotter for a little longer than the year before. There was a time when every one of us experienced all 4 glorious seasons, but now it seems every one of us are down to just two. Every one of us have more than seven months worth of balmy, humid warm season weather, followed by a few quick months of fall–it never feels frigid enough to call it Wintertime! You think I am exaggerating, but just last month I tried to remember the last time I used my furnace, seriously, it has been at least three years since I even turned the central furnace on. And even then, it was just to check and see if it still worked. I haven’t checked it again, because it simply does not matter if there is a now working oil furnace in my house. The odds of needing any heating in my lifetime seem to be entirely small, so why bother messing with the oil furnace at all? Anyway, now that I’ve felt the first mildly cool weather approaching, it is time to plan my annual No A/C celebration. It is exactly what it sounds like; a group of friends and neighbors gather outside to celebrate the short window of time when every one of us doesn’t need central air conditioning to survive. The No A/C parties have turned into a pretty major affair, so I’m gleeful about this year’s big bash.

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