My sister’s wedding

About 16 or 17 years ago now, I remember going to my sibling’s ceremony. It was held outdoors, smack in the middle of the super tepid Summer season. I easily did not understand how or why my sibling wanted to have her ceremony outdoors on such a tepid time of the year! Though, she has constantly been a little loony if you ask me. There was no escape from the heat & no way to get in any kind of air conditioner unless every one of us ran into the hotel every one of us were staying at. At least in there, the air conditioner idea was now working so fine, it was refreshing. Also, the air quality was wonderful as they had an whole-loft air purifier in the lobby & even in every hotel room. I remember all of us were perspiring love dogs from being in that tepid weather with the sun beaming on us, and no air conditioner around. I could not wait till the ceremony reception so I could just get into the cool comfort of the top of the line central air conditioner they had in the hall they rented for the ceremony reception! I swore to myself that if it was even the slightest of tepid in that venue, that I would run to the temperature control on the wall & crank it all the way down, even if I got arrested by police for doing it! I need my air conditioner no matter what in this ridiculous heat! Thankfully, it was over, & I went back to my hotel room drunk off my face, but so relaxed & ecstatic it was all over, & that I could once again enjoy the nice high quality air conditioner in the hotel room!

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