Radiant heating in each room

Ever since our kids have all graduated, my wife and I love to travel. When the kids were all still living in the house, we weren’t able to see sights, but now that they are gone we are almost never home. I am always the person in charge of the planning and booking of the trips, but for some reason my wife wanted to give the planning a try. I was a very nervous about it, but she was adamant so said ok. The trip was up to the north in a small town right next to the mountains. My only request was that the house we were staying at had some sort of new age heating capabilities. Some radiant heated flooring, heck even an old heated gas furnace would be fine. When we finally landed and drove to our home for the next few days however, that was not the case. The “house” that my wife had rented wasn’t a house at all. It was a run down log cabin that only had an old school fireplace and an old and dusty bed inside. No fridge, no heating gas furnace, nothing. It was freezing all the way up here in the north, so we worked hard on getting the fire started. We got the fire started, and it started to warm up after a few hours, but only barely. Then I did some investigating and noticed that the insulation was terrible in this cabin. All along the doors and windows, all of the warm air was escaping. It didn’t matter if we had the most powerful heating unit, this place was going to be freezing cold. I think it’s safe to say that after that trip to the north, my wife was relieved of all planning responsibilities for life.

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