Necessary research

The price tag for using, repairing plus replacing your a/c could be going way up.  That is if the politicians have anything to do about it. An agreement to phase-out production of hazardous chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), a product that is found in some old a/cs, plus believed to be harmful to our ozone layer will increase the cost of the A/C equipment.  Even the updating of this product has been banned, so this phase-out may be not be cheap for the Heating and Air Conditioning segment, adding significant bottom line costs to American households plus businesses. This change could impact virtually anyone that owns an outdated a/c, since this phase-out can affect millions of these A/C units.  Even if the costs of the phase-out could be split in half, that’s potentially hundreds of dollars in costs for a family to repair or update their a/c. Higher costs for a/cs will not be restricted to only residential customers replacing an older A/C unit. Commercial air conditioner units may also be subject to the phase-out of this harmful product used to make these a/cs.  In doing so, corporations nationwide will be affected by this phase-out since all the alternatives will be quite costly. The hotel industry is but one industry that relies heavily upon the use of commercial Heating and Air Conditioning systems. It is particularly likely the costs of this phase-out of the outdated type of Heating and Air Conditioning system will be passed down to the guests through the hotels’ average daily room rate.  Someone will have to fund that new, plus supposedly better Heating and Air Conditioning system.

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