Need a heater for our shack

Even as kids, my friends and I used to take the weekends, camp out by the creek or the river and just fish and yuk it up.  We always loved being together. Even now that we are all married, we still find time to get together and go fishing on weekends.  This year, we wanted to go fishing for salmon. We took our week long vacation and rented a cabin that was by the river. It was said to be nothing but a fishing shack, but we were fine with that.  We dropped off our gear and went directly to the river. We didn’t have any luck fishing, but we had a great time. When we got back to the shack, it was cold. We found out there was a propane furnace, and it took a couple minutes to get it to light.  Finally the furnace started running. I don’t know how much propane we used, but we kept the furnace running even when we weren’t in the shack. As soon as we got home from our fishing trip, we decided to rent the fishing shack for the following year, now.  We didn’t want to risk not getting it. When the next year rolled around, we were anxious to get in and light the propane furnace before going out. We found out that the shack had been totally redone. Everything was new and clean. There were electric heating strips in every room of the house, and even on the porch.  The electric heating was so much more comfortable and we didn’t have one time when we had to adjust the thermostat.

heating installation