Need a new cooling device

I hate when I have a car problem on the interstate.  You are usually in the middle of heavy traffic and on the wrong side of the road.  You need to find a way to move over to the berm and then you need to stop. When you have a steering tire blow out, it gets even harder.  Ten minutes later, I was on the side of the road and calling my roadside assistance team. I had the air conditioning running until they showed up and it was the only thing that was keeping me from screaming.  When the tow truck showed up, he drove us directly to the first mechanic he saw. I don’t know if this mechanic worked for my roadside assistance, because he charged me to give me an estimate. At least I didn’t pay for the tow.  He got done looking at the car and he said I needed a tire, a rim and an axle. He also said the air conditioning condensor was broken and it would need to be replaced. I just looked at him and told him I thought he was nuts. I requested that the tow truck take me to a different  mechanic. I called me roadside company and they gave me the name of a good mechanic. I had to pay for this tow, but the mechanic didn’t charge me for the estimate. He told me that I did need the tire and the rim, but he thought the axle was okay. He had no idea why they came up with a condensor for the air conditioner, because it was working fine.

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