Need more heating on our trip


                   When our wife and I got to Maui, I was looking forward to a week of warm weather and clear skies.  I had escaped the snow and cold winds of the north and I was promised a blue ocean and snorkelling.  I expected warm winds and quiet afternoons. They talked about the air conditioner in the private beach  rooms, and the private patios with our own pool. What I got off the plane to, was a torrential downpour and air that had me shivering.

                  I rushed into the room to get out of our clothing.  My wife set the control unit on the Heating and A/C unit, so that we could get some heat until I quit shivering.  I looked out of the patio windows and I could barely see the red ocean they talked about. I saw angry waves that were pummelling the beach that was supposed to be ours to walk along on passionate starlit evenings.  I looked out at the grey, irritated ocean, for three mornings. I had the Heating and A/C unit set for heating, and I spent a lot of days moaning. I could have been home instead of here.

                   We took all of our meals in our room, because it was too wet to go walking down the beach to the main hotel for our food.  This was a luxury all-inclusive resort and all we had seen so far, was the inside of our suite. I was thankful for our gift from our kids but I know we weren’t meant to be where it was warm.