Need the a/c looked at

Have you ever heard somebody say that if you are fantastic friends with someone to never move in with them? Well I had never heard this saying before I moved in with a good friend, so I basically had to learn the difficult way. After I had graduated from college I was on the hunt for a fine job to start paying off all of my student loans… Due to my legitimately low budget, I decided to go ahead as well as rent a cheap household with my fantastic friend from college who I thought I could easily trust. About a week into living together, I was starting to realize that I had made a terrible mistake moving in with this friend. During the summer, my roommate would leave the air conditioning device running all the time. The air conditioning device in the household is legitimately outdated as well as worn down, so it was costing us a small fortune running it for that long. I tried countless times to try to confront my friend as well as tell him to slow down on the air conditioning device usage as well as to clean things up. It was to no avail though. That’s when I decided to get my landlord involved. I called as well as asked our landlord if she could come over as well as remove the a/c device from our household, which she was more than glad to do for me. When my roommate came back to the household to find the venue was sizzling as well as the a/c device was gone, she was so mad she could hardly stand. She can be mad all she wants to, as I am not willing to go broke just because she has expensive air conditioning habits!

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