Need to set up a new home

When my fiance and I bought our first household, both of us knew that we’d have to dedicate some time, currency, and most of all, patience. All of those things would be required to get the household in excellent condition, and hopefully turn a profit after adding so much value and selling it in the future. The two of us had everything planned out, however failed to account for a certain little thing – the safety of the gas furnace. See, the household both of us bought used a radiator, which both of us liked well enough as a gas furnace. However, this was one of the old-fashioned iron coil radiators, which can get blazing-hot as the radiator operates through the day. The two of us knew better than to let clothes hang over the radiator to dry, however it would seem that our children really didn’t know any better. Late one particular evening, I woke up to the odor of something burning, and walked into the family room – only to find the room partially engulfed in flames! After hastily waking everyone and evacuating outside, we got a hold of the fire department to come extinguish the fire… There was a great deal of damage to the household – enough that we had to stay in an extended stay hotel for quite some time while reconstruction was going on. It was a lengthy ordeal, however both of us did get a nice bonus in the process – the construction team skipped out on installing a modern radiator, and offered to install radiant floor heating in the family room instead. That didn’t make up for living out of a hotel for such a long time, however it was a good start.

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