Relief to sit inside with ac

One thing I’ll never really be able to understand is the obsession with having a barbecue in the summer months… I’ve been invited to more barbecues this summer time than I can count on both hands, plus these events are always being held on nights with extreme highs in the heat index! Why does nobody ever consider hosting a barbecue in the winter season, anyway? Just recently, I made the decision to attend one of these outdoor cookouts to appease a couple of good friends… Of course, the temperature outside was in the low nineties, plus there was no relief from the heat whatsoever! No air conditioning, no fans, not even ice-cold water was available. Some amazing celebration, right? Well, despite the lack of air conditioning device or any other way to cool down, all of us were actually lucky enough to have some summertime rains come through town. The rain forced the cookout to be indoors, where the host had an excellent air conditioning device running at peak capacity. It was a real relief to rest inside plus enjoy the cooling air, but I couldn’t help but wonder why all of us had to remain outside when it was so nice indoors? I wasn’t the only person around with this question in mind, as I complimented the host on their wonderful air conditioning device. They told me that they were actually grateful for the rain, as they couldn’t bear another moment in the heat! See, I knew I wasn’t the only person around who couldn’t even stand being out in the sizzling summer time air. I was satisfied resting indoors under a vent for the ductwork, feeling the relaxing cool air from the air conditioning device blow down on me.

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