Neglecting the heater and a/c unit

Since I have a couple of jobs that generate revenue for the family and myself, we can afford a few nice things! I work in a corporate office building selling insurance, and I have a few different properties that I rent out to customers. I like renting out the houses, as I don’t have to do anything to make money each week other than tidy the place up between visitors. I have been actually lucky with all the tenants that I have had so far, as they haven’t given me much trouble at all! I hear horror stories from our friends that have terrible tenants or rude guests that destroy their homes & cause a ton of damage and costs. I have not experienced that myself yet, though I think I spoke a little bit too soon. I have a tenant named Mark that has lived in one of the homes I rent out for about a week now. Initially, she seemed like a responsible college student. I abruptly figured out that this was not the case when I came over one Friday to check on the place. It was in terrible shape! I could tell right when I walked in that he had not been changing the air filters like I told him to. The air was dusty & filled with debris, too. I asked him about the heating and cooling system, as well as whether it was giving him any troubles. Mark then told me that he didn’t have any issues, but I should not have listened to him at all! I had a local Heating & Air Conditioning company go over and run a “check-up” to ensure everything was working as it should be. When they came back to say the A/C system was practically broken, I was steaming!

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