The furnace catching on fire

My youngest sister had a fire in her basement last week, however the fire originated in the oil furnace, which really has me spooked. Even though the oil furnace malfunction was a fluke, I’m still scared the same thing will happen in my house, but my sister was house at the time and started to smell a burning odor coming from the oil furnace. My sister thought suddenly in addition to switched off the oil furnace breaker. My sister didn’t want to open the oil furnace, but she didn’t want to call the fire department either. With that being said she waited to see if the Flames would overcome the oil furnace, but they just ruined the oil furnace filter. My sister removed the cover for the oil furnace in addition to saw the interior damage; It seemed care about an electrical short caused a spark. My sister made the choice to call a professional oil furnace maintenance dealer. They told our sister to keep the breaker off to the oil furnace. They told our sister that she should have called the fire department. They came right away after my sister called, especially for a oil furnace maintenance dealer. It was faster than pizza delivery. My sister learned that there was an electrical short. The oil furnace fire could have caused a good deal of damage to the garage and the home. My sister was lucky to be home, when the initial spark occurred. My sister had to remove and switch out the entire oil furnace, in addition to the homeowners insurance didn’t cover the loss. They considered the oil furnace fire to be an appliance problem, in addition to she had to pay for the repairs out of pocket. It was a very serious situation, in addition to I’m glad nobody was hurt.

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