New car with good HVAC

I am in search of a new vehicle for my yearly needs, however my last vehicle lasted me nearly fifteen years. Having it for so long surely came with a load of issues! For starters, the air conditioning in the vehicle literally would never work for me, and I would get in my vehicle for the hour long commute back home at the end of the day, plus I would have to sweat my rear end off the entire way back home. This was extra frustrating for me whenever I had groceries in the back! By the time I would make it out of the town plus back to my condo, all of the ice cream plus other frozen items would be half melted! In my new car, I am looking for a drastic upgrade. I am searching for something that not only looks good, however also has all of the top of the line features that I am looking for! A state of the art air conditioning unit, heated seats, the whole nine yards. The only problem is that these cars run a pretty high cost. Due to this I am going to have to buy a used vehicle that comes with these perks. I have talked to dozens of potential sellers, although I have not made any real progress! Each sales person more than the last claims that the vehicle they are selling me has an air conditioning component with twice the power and also more than two times the lifespan of the last person I talked to. In my head this transition to a newer vehicle would be an effortless journey. I suppose it goes to show you that for all things that involve an air conditioning unit, there is no easy route.

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