New on the HVAC block

After working for the same HVAC company for almost twenty years, my husband quit one day.  He loved his job and I had no idea what was going on. He made great money as a HVAC technician and now we had nothing.  He told me that the company had been bought by someone else. The first thing they did was to put a cap on all wages. It didn’t matter how long he had worked for the company or what he did, he would never be able to get anymore money than what he was earning now.   He sat down on the sofa, and he basically planted himself there for the next two weeks. Finally I had had enough and I went ballistic. I told him he had to get up off his arse and do something. He laughed and said I was right. He went to town and came back two hours later.  He told me he had enrolled in the HVAC courses at the local college. He spent the next year working in the college as a HVAC instructor for new HVAC technicians and taking classes so he could get his own HVAC company. After he graduated, he opened his own HVAC company. He was only one employee, but that didn’t last long.  Some of the clients that were regulars of his, came to him and asked him to please take them on as new clients. He soon hired a couple of HVAC techs that he had taught, we bought two new service vans, and we were a true HVAC company.

HVAC workman