The a/c and the hot air

Ever since I have become a mother, it seems that me time is over.  I haven’t taken a long bubble bath in years. Reading by the fireplace, with a glass of wine, is a thing of the past.  I always have a child asking me what I’m doing, or having some kind of catastrophe that dad can’t handle. My weekends are now saved for doing laundry and cleaning house.  I don’t get my date nights. With a seven and nine year old, mostly my weekends are running all over. My girls joined soccer last year. This year, our town is hosting the soccer tournament.  Yippee for me, because I had to be at the field all day and take care of the kids snacks and drinks. It was eighty-five in the shade and it was only 10AM. I was wondering if I would be missed if I were to sneak away and turn the AC on in the car.  Then a kid caught me and needed a band-aid. Finally, I was able to go home. I walked into the house, just wanting to sit for five minutes and allow the air conditioning to cool my sunburned skin. The AC was not meant to be. It was warm in the house.  I thought that maybe I had turned the thermostat up too high, but I thought wrong. My air conditioning wasn’t running. I called the HVAC company, but they had no openings to help me out, until the next morning. I called the emergency HVAC number, and they were more than willing to help me out; at a premium price.  We were waiting till morning for the AC.

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