No a/c at the school picture day

When I was in grade school, there was no day I was less enthusiastic about than picture day. It was the day where parents would dress their kids in the best outfit they have, and demand that we keep the clothes entirely clean and free of scratches or tears. I never liked picture day simply for that reason, although I unquestionably didn’t like it when I was in 4th grade! That year, the school’s central air conditioner device was going through some troubles and breaking down every so often. The breakdown would get fixed by the end of the day when the school’s contracted heating and air conditioner worker would come to take care of it. The lot of us still had to go a full school day without any working A/C! Of course, one of these A/C device breakdowns happened on picture day. It was a sizzling afternoon in September, and I was sent to school wearing a three-piece suit. What was my father thinking? I was drenched in sweat before 9 in the morning hours, and photos would be taken at 9:30. I still can recall going into the auditorium where photos were being taken, and having an instructor fan myself and others to keep our faces from looking so brutally red. The lack of an air conditioner device was too intense to be fixed with a fan! I just had to deal with it, and took my school photo with greasy wet hair and sweat stains in my shirt and tie. I came came back to my household that afternoon and my face said it all. My father right away called the school demanding a reshoot. There wasn’t much that could be done, not until the school’s air conditioner device was permanently fixed. Until the heating and air conditioner repair contractor made the essential repairs, these breakdowns would keep happening!

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