No a/c needed

I’ve been through quite a few trying times as an adult. I’ve dealt with more vehicle breakdowns than I can count on two hands, and I’ve dealt with awful break-ups that left me in bed for days at a time, unwilling to even get up and eat something before sitting back down and staring at the ceiling. In spite of all of my experiences, there is one experience I’ve dealt with while I was in adulthood that I have no interest in reliving again! That experience was when my apartment’s air conditioning device broke down on me in the dead-center of summer. Southern weather is inherently warm, however the summers here are absolutely brutal! Worst of all, the breakdown happened right when my landlord had left town for two weeks for a family trip. The number she left me for any emergency repairs led to a disattached landline, so I had to suffer for two weeks with no air conditioning device whatsoever! My only escape was to stay at my place of work for as long as I could while I was in the day. I had to instantly open all the windows as soon as I came back to my place to air out my sauna of place. I tried everything to create makeshift a/cs for my place. I even positioned buckets of ice from the freezer in front of oscillating fans, just to see if they would help to cool down the place just a little. When my landlord finally came back into town, she made up for my terrible suffering by having a Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C professional come and make all necessary repairs to the air conditioning device the same day! She paid emergency visit rates, just to ensure I would have air conditioning in my place again! Say what you will about landlords, however at least she knew what to do to make things right.

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