Not sure i trust this a/c business

When I came home from work in the middle of the day to feed my cat, I saw somebody parked outside of my house. It looked like some kind of service truck, but it wasn’t one I had seen in the area before. My mind instantly began to race, and I jumped to the conclusion that somebody was robbing my house! I slowly walked into my house and saw a man petting my cat! I had screamed out loud which startled both the random man and my cat, as well as myself since the man’s tool belt went flying and smashed a hole into the wall. I came to find out that my partner had noticed my heating and cooling equipment had been acting out. They wanted to do something nice for me, so they had called over a local Heating and Air Conditioning repair agency to come repair it for me while I was at work. Sadly for me, I had startled the Heating and Air Conditioning repairman who I thought was a robber! Now we had a big hole in my wall, thanks to my paranoia. Luckily, the guy was cool about it, as he apologized for scaring me and said that fixing the hole would be no issue. Half an hour after the two of us had scared each other, I now had a functioning heating and cooling unit – and a patched hole in the wall! I thanked the man again as he left, still feeling a bit uneasy about how that scenario played out. I really am thankful for my guy having my a/c equipment fixed up, but I really wish he would have told me! I bet I’ll never see that guy again.

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