Not worried about the HVAC breaking

My wife’s sister lives with us, so now instead of having three kids, I have to deal with five.  She lost her job, and I am responsible for everything. Food, clothing and the household, are really expensive to maintain.  I also have to worry about heating and air conditioning system. I was barely making it before they moved in. Now, I am always in a panic over where the next dollar will come from.  I knew that I had to call the HVAC company to have my furnace serviced, but I also knew how expensive it was going to be. When the HVAC technician arrived, he told me all about the HVAC maintenance and repair plan that they offered.  We got talking about how expensive it was to have kids and I told him about our situation. He said that with the maintenance and repair plan, I would save me money. Instead of paying every time I had a service come out to service my heating or air conditioning, I would pay one lump sum that would probably be less than what I paid for one service.  He seemed to be very sympathetic to my plight. While he was there, I opted into the HVAC maintenance and repair plan. If this is one way to save money, I am all in. It is just one more way to take away from stress and add a bit of time and money back into this manic thing that I call my life. With the reminder calls the HVAC company will give me, I will never forget that it is time to have my HVAC serviced.

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