One less thing to worry about

We have several kids, and this causes our life to be really chaotic.  Everything is so expensive nowadays. There is food to buy and clothing that is constantly being bought because of growing children.  Our most expensive upkeep is our HVAC system. Regular maintenance is needed to keep your HVAC system running. Regular maintenance is expensive, but it is really difficult to survive without good heating or air conditioning.  I also want to have good air quality for our family. Their health is important to me, because the doctor is a major expense. I sometimes have a really difficult time of keeping up with all of the bills and the HVAC maintenance.  Last month, I called the HVAC company to have my furnace maintained. I was talking with the HVAC company and I was telling him about the chaos that is normal in our home. He told me that he can sympathize because he also had three children.  He told me about their maintenance and repair plan and how much cheaper it would be for me, if I were to purchase the agreement. A HVAC technician would come to the house, on the schedule that we set up. He would do the regular maintenance and if there were any repairs that needed to be done, they would be done at that time.  I appreciated the information, and with the savings of the plan, I signed up for it before he left. I was spending more by calling them and scheduling my own maintenance, than what I would for a two year maintenance and repair plan.

HVAC repair